Reiki was my window into the energetic world. You could say that it found me after finally making the decision to change my life. After years of anxiety, lack of self-worth and overthinking, I took the daunting task to look within. Once I started to peel back the layers of the old limiting beliefs, behaviours and habits that did not serve me anymore, my life transformed.

When I committed to self, learnt to feel my emotions, observe my energy and live from my heart I started to experience more love, joy and authenticity. I was so fascinated with my results and the teachings of Energetic Awareness, I went on to become a Reiki master and Holistic consultant. 

I have always had the desire to help people and the old saying still rings true 'you cannot help anyone, until you help yourself'.

I love to teach, inspire and share my knowledge to help empower others. To see someone challenge their fears and explore their potential is the biggest reward one could witness.

'I once lived my life through fear. I was ready to learn who I was. The teacher appeared and walked with me. I have found grace, my heart and I now live through love.'


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